Is It Just Me Or…Is Julie Chen Pregnant?

Julie Chen could be about to announce second pregnancy and General Hospital will return for another season.

Is It Just Me Or could the lovely Ms. Chen, wife of CBS CEO Les Moonves be pregnant with her second child? Here’s why I think she is:

  1.  She looks slightly fuller around her mid-section…I know, I know, if I’m wrong I’m going to hear about this one.
  2. She’s been using a pillow recently in her chair at the table, perhaps for back support.
  3. Friday, April 13 Julie avoided touching uncooked pork that chef Guy Fieri was preparing on the show.  The American Pregnancy Association reports that uncooked meat can be a health hazard to pregnant women if contaminated with a bacterium called Listeria and wait for it…
  4. According to Friday’s teaser on the “The Talk”, there will be a big announcement on Monday, April 16!

I’ve searched the internet to see if other sources are speculating about a possible new addition to the Moonves family and at press time I haven’t seen a thing, so I’m going out on a limb here.  Check back soon to see if I land on my feet!

Is It Just Me Or should “General Hospital” fans be rejoicing?!  According to, the ABC daytime drama has been renewed for another season after rumors circulated it would be cancelled to make room for a daytime show hosted by television news sweetheart Katie Couric.  The longest running soap currently in production will now definitely be able to celebrate its 50th anniversary in April 2013.


Just an aside, does “General Hospital use too much blue for its characters’ wardrobe?  In the Friday, April 13 episode Luke, Heather, Star, Spinelli, Carly, Maxie, Johnny, The Prosecutor and various extras all wore blue.  Perhaps by design, but I found it a little sexy, moody and dark.  Much like Lt. John McBain!


One thought on “Is It Just Me Or…Is Julie Chen Pregnant?

  1. I have also observed that Julie has a baby bump. She has been wearing slightly fuller clothing for the last couple of weeks. Also, Julie has avoided drinking alcohol. She definitely has a beautiful glow!

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